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Breaking Cycles of Poverty,

 Disparities & Marginalization 

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Changing the WORLD for the GREATER GOOD happens when we work TOGETHER

One change at a time makes all the difference for our world TODAY and our future TOMORROW.
Greater Good
GCP Global

To obain a better perspective of the challenges, need and work that we're accomplishing in various geographic areas, we encourage you to visit the GCP local websites of the geographic areas that we serve.  Each geographic area has local personnel that provides website / webpages updates regarding local information, requirements, initiatives and accomplishments.  Our global website provides a high-level view of the work that is being accomplished globally while the local websites provide a more detailed perspective for the area that it serves.  Explore our local program websites via our Global Interactive Map.

Help Us Save The Planet and Preserve Our Youth and Communities

Recycle your electronics and printer cartridges and save the planet while helping us preserve our youth and communities. 


Your recycling and purchasing recycled products from Planet Green helps to save the planet and assists Global Civic Preservation in its fundraising efforts to provide our services to our local and global communities.


Your recycling efforts and purchases are a WIN WIN situation for us ALL.  Find out more and recycle today by clicking on the "Help us Fundraise" icon.

GCP is Launching its Clothes, Hygiene and Household Items Drive for our Homeless Youth

GCP is collecting clothing items, personal hygiene items and household items at its Global Headquarters (Atlanta, GA USA) to assist homeless youth in the Metro-Atlanta area.  Many of these items will assist youth as they receive the necessary counseling, medical attention and other assistance including transitional housing. 


For additional information regarding drop-off locations or to schedule a pickup for these items please contact us at 770-217-0717.

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