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Global Civic Preservation (GCP) is a national (USA) and international organization developed to advocate and provide solutions for marginalized youth and community issues, challenges and concerns that hinder citizens from living and performing to their maximal potential.  Global Civic Preservation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2006 in the United States and an international non-governmental organization (NGO).  GCP is comprised of motivated youth, professionals, humanitarians and community leaders focused on the mobilization of youth and communities worldwide.


Our primary focus is maximizing youth and community potential globally by addressing the underlying concerns and circumstances that prevent youth and communities from achieving individual and community wellness.  Our objective is to preserve our youth and communities by being a catalyst to bridge the social divide and provide the required education (formal and informal), recreation, social interaction, youth development, community engagement , health awareness and prevention programs and services conducive to the geographic area of the beneficiaries that we serve.


We continuosly aim to cultivate, educate and empower youth and communities globally for a healthy and productive future that will perpetuate to future generations and will benefit the human race and the overall strength and well-being of our world.  We endeavor to revolutionize social intervention and community development through positive engagement and array of programs and services for the advancement of humanity.   As a 21st century organization, we're changing the paradigm for social intervention and development as we fully engage youth and communities as a voice and a collaboration to meet their needs through our Seven Step to Individual Wellness methodology.


We believe that LIVES ALWAYS MATTER!


GCP's staff and volunteers work with tenacity to preserve the richness and prize possessions of ethnic cultures, educate on diversity, human rights and empower youth and citizens through formal and informal education, vocational skills, arts and culture to empower citizens worldwide. GCP believes that EVERYONE IS SOMEONE and has a individual and civil right and responsibility in our society. GCP believes that citizens from every culture and nation have positive qualities to offer our global society and those qualities should be preserved and shared for personal knowledge, global awareness, unification, appreciation and human preservation.


Global Civic Preservation currently works in the United States, Ghana West-Africa, South Africa and Brazil.  Explore our interactive map to visually see where we work and visit our local programs and services webpages.





Our vision is a global environment where all youth and communities are able to live and lead productive, healthy and empowered lives and achieve their maximal potential.



Provide innovative programs, services and opportunities to maximize youth and community potential for youth and citzens to achieve individual wellness for a more promising global future.


Cultivating, Educating and Empowering mankind at present will emanate to forthcoming generations for a greater and more promising global future.​


  • Integrity – We advocate and act with responsibility, accountability, honesty and consistency and support our words and position through our on-going actions.


  • Inclusion – We respect and believe in diversity of all ethnicities, races, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, national origin, status of citizenship and mental / physical condition.


  • Opportunity – We believe and support the philosophy that everyone has a civil right to opportunities that positions them to be healthy, productive and thrive


  • Quality – We aim to consistently evaluate and improve our programs and services to provide excellence for increased productivity to our beneficiaries, staff and volunteers, constituents and donors and partnerships.


  • Sustainability – We develop programs and services with the ability and intent to replicate to local and global communities.  Our efforts alleviate the ground-zero duplication for community-based programs and services and allows for youth and communities to progress forward for generations to come.


  • Collaboration – We believe in collaboration with individuals and entities that assist in fulfilling our vision and achieving our mission and goals to support the youth and communities that we serve locally and globally.


  • Transparency – We aim to track and demonstrate where funds are being spent for our operations and programs and services and report on our achievements.




Vision, Mission & Values
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