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Youth Empowerment / Development


Program Correlation to the United Nations (SDG's)

Global Civic Preservation's Youth Development Programs and Services address several of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and various national and local initiatives.  Our Seven Step to Individual Wellness (SSIW) methodology consists of seven (7) major components that are addressed for achieving individual wellness for youth and communities globally.  Our Seven Steps to Individual Wellness framework is the foundation to several of our programs and services to address the overall wellness of our youth and communities to maximize their potential.


The core of the Youth Empowerment / Development occurs in steps 3 and 4 of the seven steps to individual wellness. The programming varies based upon geopgraphic and demographis of the beneficiaries that we serve.  The basic core program components are:


Step 3 - Empowerment


  1. Primary and Secondary Education

  2. GED Preparation & Testing

  3. Awareness (Consciousness and Cognizant to one's situation, environment and opportunity)

  4. Character Development

    1. ​Critical Thinking

    2. Integrity and Accountability

    3. Etiquette (Politeness, Good Manners etc.)

  5. Knowledge and Positive Exposure (Exposure Excursions,  New Environments and Learning Opportunities)

  6. College and University Preparation

  7. Pre-Employment Training


Step 4 - Development


  1. Vocational Skill Training and Development

  2. Creative and Performing Arts 

    1. ​Music Production

    2. Music Performance (Vocal and Instrumental)

    3. Dance (Cultural and / or Genres) and Percussion (Cultural and / or Genres)

    4. Creative Writing (Journalism, Poetry, Spoken Word etc.) and Speaking

  3. Career and Job Preparation

  4. Community Service and Community Development

  5. Professional Development


Global Civic Preservation's

Seven Steps to Individual Wellness

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