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A Youth and Community Inspired Collaboration


Our progams, services and work are based upon our SEVEN STEPS to INDIVIDUAL WELLNESS framework and methodology so that our beneficiaries can achieve individual wellness and success for themselves and their local and global community. 

Education (formal and informal) is a key component and vehicle to individual wellness and assists in ending poverty.  Global Civic Preservation partners with schools, organizations and communities in the United States and around the globe to provide various programs and services.  Many families in less privileged countries and communities do not have the resources to provide the required uniforms and schools supplies for their children to receive an education.


 Global Civic Preservation supports basic education by providing school supplies, uniforms and pay for school fees for secondary schools, colleges and universities and vocational training in less privileged communities.

As the rate of HIV and other STD's continue to rise in the United States and around the world, we are on the scene to combat the cycle of spreading these and other infections.


Children and youth that live in poverty or in environments and homes where healthcare is not available or affordable often go without the proper care which often leads to more serious health concerns and issues if not addressed in a timely manner often resulting in death.   Water-borne and mosquito-borne diseases are often the culprit.  Global Civic Preservation assists in these areas through education, preventative measures and medical treatment.

Youth homelessness continues to be an on-going concern.  GCP works with homeless youth and collaborates with organizations to provide the necessary assistance needed to transition from the streets to a place of saftety.  Other homeless youth are provided with relief items, mass transit cards, medical attention and others that can advocate on their behalf.


GCP works with street kids and orphanages in poor countries to ensure that their health, nutrition and education needs are met.


Learn more about how we combat youth homelessness

Our youth development programs and services are comprised of various integrated components that include but aren't limited to Awareness and Positive Exposure, Vocational Skills, Creative Arts, Autonomous Thinking, Self-Governance, Character Development, Creating Opportunity, Youth Forums, Youth Summits, Motivational Speaking, Situational Responsiveness and a host of special services for our more at-risk youth including Boot Camps.


Our youth development programs assist in the overall plan of providing opportunities for youth to maximize their full potential.

Community Service is an integral component to our overall program.  GCP teaches, engages and demonstrates the importance and effectiveness in community service collaboration locally and globally.  Our youth, staff and volunteers engage in community service projects of various types locally and abroad.


Our Community Development projects engage communities, staff and volunteers and you (our global community) to assist in the development of social and economically oppressed communities in poor countries.

Global Civic Preservation's

Seven Steps to Individual Wellness

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