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Community Service / Development


Program Correlation to the United Nations (SDG's)

Global Civic Preservation's Community Service / Development Programs are developed to advocate, teach and perform community service to demonstrate the importance, significance and effectiveness of community service and development in our local and global communities.   Acts of community service often provides significant value and contributes to the development of communities locally and globally.


Community Service strengthens communities, brings people together to achieve a common goal, saves resources, promotes personal growth and self-esteem, encourages volunteerism as a civic responsibility, provides valuable learning opportunities and experience and allows you to make a huge difference in our global society.


Our community service programs and efforts are directly or indirectly related to various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and local community initiatives.


The Community Service / Development component is a sub-component of step #4 (Youth Development) of our Seven Steps to Individual Wellness.    Understanding and performing community service assists in the overall development of our youth and contributes to their individual wellness.

Global Civic Preservation's

Seven Steps to Individual Wellness

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