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  • GCP assist our homeless youth with food, clothing, household items, toiletries, resources, referrals and mentoring / counseling and provide them with opportunities to engage in youth development activities to combat their circumstances and any potential negative outcome.

  • GCP partners and works in collaboration with schools, organizations, government, communities and individuals to empower through formal and informal education.

  • We provide opportunities for youth to be engaged in positive activities, exposure and events to provide a positive perspective.

  • We work in global  communities to provide positive programs and services to marginalized youth and communities and combat pessimistic circumstances and behaviors and provide opportunities for youth and communities to thrive. 

  • We work and engage youth globally in community service and work with underprivileged communities on development projects.

  • We advocate and promote inclusiveness to our constituents, beneficiaries and communities and combat biases, predjudice and other behaviors that result in exclusion and marginalization. 

  • Learn more regarding our work and impact by visiting OUR WORK page and by visiting our various websites for each geographic area.



  • South African youth make up 66 % of the total South African population
  • 45.4 % of males and 55 % of females between the ages of 15-24 are unemployed
  • South Africa has the highest number of people living with HIV in the world
  • HIV prevalance is twice as high amongst women as amongst ment between the ages of 15 and 24 and femails are four times more likely to have HIV than males the same age.
  • Teenage pregnancy is very high and is a major factor in the school dropout rate.
  • Unemployment and lack of opportunity for young people is one of the largest factors that continues to affect various areas of young peoples lives
  • Selling drugs and drug use is extremely high amongst marginalized youth and young people mainly due to the lack of employment and opportunities
  • The crime rate in South Africa is extremely high and mainly in the impoverished neighborhoods where there is a high drug use, high drug selling, low employment, high teen pregnancy and high HIV/AIDs rate.
  • Proper nutrition is very low and several children and youth go without the proper nourishment due to the lack of money, employment, caregivers and opportunity
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Our Youth and Communities are not just statistics and numbers...


Despite the statistics and numbers, there are a myriad of Metro-Atlanta youth with talents, skills and ambition that go unrecognized due to the lack of opportunity and the social injustice that continues to marginalize them from living up to their full potential.    We are advocates on behalf of our marginalized youth and communities to provide them with the structure, opportunity, empowerment and development  that allows them to maximize their full potential for individual wellness that ultimately benefits our communities and global society.

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