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Program Correlation to United Nations (SDG's)

HEALTH - Around the Globe

Due to the social inequality globally, millions of our global citizens are at a high level of risk of health related issues due to the lack of knowledge and the means to acquire the necessary medical attention.  Many of these medical issues include but aren’t limited to HIV / AIDs and STD’s, Malaria, Cholera, Denga, the Zika virus, severe dental issues and more.


GCP is working with local and global governments, institutions, organizations and communities to combat these high levels of health risks.  In an effort to alleviate these high levels of risk and the spreading of several of these diseases and health concerns, Global Civic Preservation conducts Health Awareness programs in schools and communities and facilitates Health Awareness Fairs with free dental screenings, distribution of mosquito nets, mosquito repellent and coils, free toothbrushes and toothpaste, dental sticks, HIV testing, free condoms and Safe Drinking Water.   


In an effort to combat hunger and malnutrion with youth and communities, Global Civic Preservation’s Food for Thought program ensures that our children and youth have the necessary food for nourishment so that they can partake in the educational, recreational and vocational skill programs that assist in their individual wellness.  


How We Help Combat HIV / AIDs, Water-borne and Mosquito-borne Diseases and Dental


GCP is helping to combat the spreading of HIV/ AIDS and other preventable sexually transmitted diseases.  Youth, schools and communities are educated on the transmission of these diseases and how to prevent spreading these diseases through health awareness fairs, school assemblies, community classes and the education and distribution of the use of condoms.


GCP is also addresses the vector or mosquito-borne diseases that have continued to spread Malaria, Denga, Chickungunya, Yellow Fever, Zika and other diseases.  The education process encompasses the awareness of the illnesses that are contracted and the various ways to prevent being bitten by mosquitos to decrease or eliminate the changes of becoming infected.



Sanitary Environments through Community Clean-Up


A sanitary environment assists in alleviated various health concerns and disases.   We work with communities for awareness of a clean environment and how it assists in their overall health and combats preventable illnesses.  We assist communities and work with sanitation companies and governments to organize periodic community clean-ups to rid the environment of trash, garbage, standing water and clean gutters and water drainage areas to alleviate breeding grounds for rodents, insects and bugs including mosquitos.



Fitness and Athletics


Health, fitness and athletics have become increasing more imporant for an overall healthy lifestyle.    GCP advocates healthy activities and athletics for recreation and fitness to combat health related issues often caused by the lack of body movement.  Additionally, we encourage healthy and nutritious eating habits.  



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