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Program Correlation to United Nations (SDG's)

NUTRITION - Around the Globe

Global Civic Preservation (GCP) recognizes that children and youth cannot perform academically, socially, physically and intellectually without the proper nutrition.   Nutrition plays a vital role in children, youth and adults being able to reach their maximal potential.   It is on this premise that GCP works to address the need of hunger and nutrition so that our children and youth can overcome the circumstances of hunger and nutrition and work towards other goals and aspirations.


The nutrition programs are directly correlated to various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and assist in fulfilling various national, local, community and individual initiatives and goals.  When children and youth have the proper nutrition and full bellies, they are able to think and be more productive.


In an effort to combat hunger and malnutrion with youth and communities, Global Civic Preservation’s Food for Thought program ensures that our children and youth have the necessary food for nourishment so that they can partake in the educational, recreational and vocational skill programs that assist in their individual wellness.  





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