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Youth Homelessness

Program Correlation to
United Nations (SDG's)

Education (formal and informal) serves as a critical component for individual wellness and is a catalyst to ending cycles of generational poverty.  Many parents in rural areas of third world countries are forced to make a decision between having their children work at a very early age to help feed the family or send their children for education with hopes that they will be able to eat and the education will benefit them in the near future.


This is a decision that no parent or guardian should have to face.  To assist in eradicating these circumstances,  Global Civic Preservation works with community leaders, parents and their children to provide them with an alternate solution that will provide food for the family to eat and allow for the children to receive education.  This becomes a WIN WIN situation for present day while the child's education provides the knowledge and skills that leads to productivity, individual wellness and a positive perspective that will benefit generations that follow.


How We Help Combat Poverty with Education


Getting children and youth to attend school for an education requires us to provide nutritious food and water that sustains their lives as well as the lives of their families.  Children must eat nutritous meals to keep their bodies strong which allows them to focus on the school work and not on being hungry. These children also need the basic requirements to attend school which their families often cannot provide. With your help by TAKING ACTION we can make a positive difference TOGETHER.


  • Feeding Program - Provides nourishing meals for the students and their family

  • Uniforms - Provides the required uniforms, shoes and backpacks / school bags

  • School Supplies - Notebooks, textbooks, pens, pencils,  calculators etc.

  • Study Aids - Youth Programs, tutoring and educational workshops

  • Financial Support - School Fees and transportation costs

  • Scholarships - College and University assistance and Vocational Training


Global Civic Preservation partners with various schools and communities around the globe to make a positive impact on the lives of our youth that will transcend to generations to follow.  Our partnerships and alliance in the communities and schools assist us in providing programs and services to benefit the students, staff and local and global community.  We provide the following programs and services  in these partnerships:


  • School Supplies

  • Sponsored Assemblies and Programs

  • Reading and Tutoring

  • Essay Writing Contests

  • Spelling Bee's

  • International Pen Pal Program

  • Rewarding Excellence Program

  • Exposure and Awareness Excursions

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