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A Youth and Community Inspired Collaboration

Global Civic Preservation (GCP) Initiatives specific to the United States and the Metro-Atlanta vicinity focus on the required development, education (formal and informal), awareness, inclusiveness, health and overall equality to maximize youth potential.  Several of GCP's initiatives are directly aligned with initiatives from the international (United Nations), national (Federal Government), local (State, County and Community) and youth and communities.  These initiatives serve as a framework to our programs and services in the Metro-Atlanta and surrounding areas.


All Global Civic Preservation initiatives, programs and services are based on our core values that include but aren't limited to unbiasesness to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion and sexual orientation and physical conditions.  



  • To foster positve influence, character-development, optimism, leadership and cultural diversity through individual and group mentorship to mobilize and empower at-risk and affluent youth audiences for individual wellness and to strengthen our local and global communites.

  • Developing and strengthening youth talents and abilities through vocational skills, sports and arts & culture to cultivate innate and learned abilities, creativity and positive expression for individual wellness.

  • To increase the overall student scholastic aptitude and academic performance and improve the Georgia Milestones Tests scores that directly correlate to the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) on a local and national level; while supporting the "Race to the Top" United States national initiative to promote student and school academic excellence through innovative and educational challenges that promote critical-thinking skills, literacy, numeracy and positive social skills.

  • Provide mentorship, rehabilitation, character development and second-chance opportunities to marginalized youth that have experienced youth detention, incarceratiion and probation due to prior offenses.

  • Strengthening youth global awareness and community development through local and global community service projects, exchange and interaction to broaden youth and adult perspectives on social, economics and cultural diversity matters while bridging the social divide amongst youth and communities globally.  

  • Advocacy of youth humanitarian efforts, community service and "Giving Back" to our local and global communites.

  • Advocacy of inclusiveness and addressing issues and conflicts that stem from being marginalized 

  • Provide support systems for our homeless youth to eradicate homelessness

  • Strengthening the awareness of health related issues (Childhood Obesity, HIV/AIDs, STD's etc.) for individual wellness in communities and schools where we serve.  GCP supports the United States national initiative "Let's Move" to decrease childhood obesity. (

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