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A Youth and Community Inspired Collaboration

IN THE NEWS (Metro- Atlanta, USA)

Serving Metro-Atlanta with 10 Years of Service

GCP US Youth go to South Africa in 2017

Global Civic Preservation is launching its "Connecting OUR WORLD Youth Tour" with an opportunity for youth in the United States to visit and learn, share and experience the culture, lifestyle, challlenges, landscape, schools, youth and much more.  


This opportunity will be an exciting, fun and learning experience for youth and chaperones from the United States as well as South Africa.  South African youth and communities will share their lifestyle, culture, knowledge, experience and as the world of youth connects the learning of similarities, differences, challenges and more will be at the forefront of various discussion topics with ideas, recommendations and proposed solutions to bring about effective postive change for youth and communities in South Africa as well as in the United States and globally.


More information regarding this international excursion will be avalable in June of 2016.


Preparing for Back-to-School for the 2016-2017 school year

Global Civic Preservation (GCP) is working on the 2016-2017 back-to-school drive and need your support.  We are collecting back-to-school supplies and donations to give to students in disadvantaged environments and Title I schools in Metro-Atlanta.  


Many disadvantaged youth of school age need the support that will help motivate them to attend school, learn to the best of their ability and achieve success for themselves.  Without the motivation many of these children go unrecognized until a negative situation occurs that causes them to be recognized in a negative situation.  They need OUR HELP.


We're also soliciting volunteers to mentor students and groups to sponsor a classroom, school and / or community service project.  Visit our Taking Action page for more information.   Our Metro-Atlanta youth are depending on YOU.



Combating Youth Homelessness 

Global Health Awareness

and Prevention

Global Civic Preservation (GCP) has been active and engaged in programs and services in the Metro-Atlanta vicinity for ten (10) years.   Our staff, volunteers and supporters have been instrumental in the education, development, awareness, nutrition and positive exposure of our Metro-Atlanta youth.   GCP works as a Partner in Education and provides school supplies, mentorship to students, reading and literacy, rewarding excellence, essay writing contests, pen pals, character development and etiquette to students of Title One schools.


We have worked and continue to work with several youth around the Metro-Atlanta area to provide the programs and services needed to assist in positve development for individual wellness.  Several of our youth have experienced positive exposure through various exposure excursions, mentorship, youth summits / retreats and boot camps for some of our more at-risk youth.  These opportunites have assisted in their development and the greatest reward is seeing the positive outcome of several of these youth today.


Our objective remains to maximize the potential of youth and communities globally.  After 10 years, we're just getting started regarding the work that we still have ahead of us.  We could not have come this far without the support of our communities and supporters (partners, donors, volunteers and constituents) and we thank you for your support.  Now more than ever, we need your continued support (volunteering, contributions and in-kind donations to maximize our youth and communities potential to benefit our global society today and for generations to come.  Our world and our YOUth is counting on YOU.

Youth Homelessness continues to be an issue that faces Metro-Atlanta and other places worldwide.  To address these issues we are partnered with our youth, communities and organizations to provide sustainable support and solutions for youth to achieve individual wellness and success.


Some of these youth are runaways while others have been kicked out and marginalized due to biasness that no longer affords them the love and support from their natural families.  This on-going concern is an opportunity for everyone in the community to get involved in a positive manner to assist these youth.



Global Health Awareness and prevention of various diseases around the globe continue to be a major challenge that impacts millions.  We need your continued help to combat these diseases worldwide.

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