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A Youth and Community Inspired Collaboration


Recognizing 10 Years of Service

Global Civic Preservation (GCP) has been servicing our local and global communities for ten (10) years.   Since our inception in 2006 we have been able to make a positive impact with disadvantaged and marginalized youth and communities around the world in the areas of youth development and empowerment,  exposure and awareness, education (formal and informal), creative arts to combating poverty, health awarness and disease prevention, feeding the homeless, proper nutrition, community development and community service. The testamonials and positive feedback that we receive from our youth, volunteers, communities, schools, organizations and parents assist us in guaging our effectiveness and to realize the impact that we have in the lives of others.  


Our objective remains to maximize the potential of youth and communities globally.  After 10 years, we're just getting started regarding the work that we still have ahead of us.  We could not have come this far without the support of our communities and supporters (partners, donors, volunteers and constituents) and we thank you for your support.  Now more than ever, we need your continued support (volunteering, contributions and in-kind donations to maximize our youth and communities potential to benefit our global society today and for generations to come. Our world is counting on YOU.

The New GCP Websites

The new GCP Global and Local Websites have been launched.  This major effort addressed various requirements for our global user community which now allows our user community from anywhere in the world the ability to view the website in their local language using Google Translate .  Other requirements addressed includes allowing GCP users, sponsors, volunteers and others the opportunity to obtain a perspective and understanding of the work that GCP is addressing and achieving from a global scale as well as being able to navigate and view specific areas of interests based on the geographic location of interest. GCP staff /local volunteers of each geographic location now have the ability through permission based authentication to allow them to update their specific local website and pages which reduces the time between website updates.  


Giving the website(s) and pages a fresh new look, feel with increased features assists GCP in being  more effecient and effective with its programs and services and publish information to our global user community in a timely manner.  The major update also allows for a broader audience to increase our global footprint.



GCP is Now Serving in Brazil

Global Civic Preservation (GCP) is now working and serving in the communities of Brazil (Rio De, Janerio and Salvador, Bahia).   We are working with community leaders, citizens and organizations to assist in bringing forth positive change in the lives of Brazilian youth and communites for a brighter future.


This endeavor broadens the awareness, exchange and interaction with citizens and communities in Brazil and other countries where GCP is making a positive difference.  Our services in Brazil also broadens our requirements for volunteering, fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.  The Brazilian community adds a significant amount of culture, talents, skills and history for awareness that continues to benefit our global community.  We need your help to make a positive impact in Brazil and the various countries and communities that we serve.  Take Action and Help Today!

Combating Youth Homelessness 

Global Health Awareness

and Prevention

Global Health Awareness and prevention of various diseases around the globe continue to be a major challenge that impacts millions.

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