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A Youth and Community Inspired Collaboration

Global Civic Preservation Global Initiatives are the foundation to the development and management of our programs and services that serve our local and global communities.  Many of GCP's Global Initiatives derive from and are directly and / or indirectly aligned to the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).  For more information regarding the United Nation's MDG's and SDG's please visit  Additional local, organization and individual initiatives developed by communities, youth, local government and research are also utilized in the development and deliverables of our programs.  These various initiatives combined formulate Global Civic Preservation's Initiatives and serve as the framework to our mission, objectives and programs and services in the geographic locations where we work.


All Global Civic Preservation initiatives, programs and services are based on our core values that include but aren't limited to unbiasesness to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion and sexual orientation and physical conditions.  



GCP's Initiative Alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)

  • No poverty -  (SDG 1)

  • Zero Hunger - (SDG 2)

  • Good Health and Well-Being - (SDG 3)

  • Quality Education - (SDG 4)

  • Gender Equality - (SDG 5)

  • Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG - 6)

  • Reduced Inequalities - (SDG 10)

  • Partnerships for the Goals - (SDG 17)

GCP's Youth Initiatives 

  • Youth Advocacy & Mentoring

  • Combating Youth Homelessness

  • Maximizing Youth Potential

  • Gender & Sexual Orientation Equality

  • Provide Opportunity Awareness and Exposure

  • Education and Literacy

  • Community Service

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