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New GCP office in Ghana, West-Africa

GCP is seeking a new office in the Greater Accra vicinity of Ghana.   The office location has not been determined as of yet as we are still researching, investigating and evaluating office environments that will be conducive to fulfilling the needs for our administration, programs and services for the Greater Accra region.


Additionally, GCP is investigating a separate office facility in the Ashanti region of Ghana.  The Ashanti region office will provide the programs and services for Kumasi and surrounding communities and villiages within a 200 km.  This office will assist in providing efficiency and effectiveness for servicing the Ashanti region of Ghana.

Preparing for Back-to-School for the 2016-2017 school year

Global Civic Preservation (GCP) is working on the 2016-2017 back-to-school drive and need your support.  We are collecting back-to-school supplies and donations to give to students in disadvantaged environments and schools throughtout Ghana.  


Many disadvantaged youth of school age need the support that will help motivate them to attend school, learn to the best of their ability and achieve success for themselves.  Without the motivation many of these children go unrecognized until a negative situation occurs that causes them to be recognized in a negative situation.  They need OUR HELP.


We're also soliciting volunteers to mentor students and groups to sponsor a classroom, school and / or community service project.  Visit our Taking Action page for more information.   Our Ghanaian youth are depending on YOU.



Health Awareness & Disease Prevention 

Global Civic Preservation (GCP) celebrates ten (10) years of service.  GCP started its programs and services in Ghana in 2006 and has impacted the lives of a few thousand youth throughout Ghana.  We've provided educational programs and services that allowed school aged children and youth to enhance their academics and provided school fees, uniforms, meals and other assistance to maximize youth potential. 


Many students today that started with GCP in 2006 are now working or attending a university to further their education.  These students were able to receive some positive exposure to assist with their development that has helped them to become the people that they are today.


We are pleased and proud of several of our beneficiaries that have allowed our programs and services to assist them in their life-path.  Some of these beneficiaries are available and assisting GCP as volunteers in Ghana.


Our objective remains to maximize the potential of youth and communities globally.  After 10 years, we're just getting started regarding the work that we still have ahead of us.  We could not have come this far without the support of our communities and supporters (partners, donors, volunteers and constituents) and we thank you for your support.  Now more than ever, we need your continued support (volunteering, contributions and in-kind donations to maximize our youth and communities potential to benefit our global society today and for generations to come.  Our world and our YOUth is counting on YOU.

Malaria, Cholera, Diarrhea and other preventable diseases continue to infect a large percentage of citizens throughout Ghana.  GCP is continuing its on-going effort to bring awareness to citizens regarding these diseases and how to prevent becoming infected by these diseases.


This on-goin issue is a major undertaking that involves assistance from the local Ghana government or ministries, the community, humanitarian and philanthropists and volunteers to combat these diseases that are sometimes fatal.



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